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«Ventiri Roast House»

The new place that will become your home!

At the heart of the city, in the center of Athens, Ventiri Roast House opened its doors. The Agora Select team with its experience on restaurants, created the Ventiri Roast House, a restaurant which focuses not only on those who adore to taste meat- with respect to the ingredients that they use, with high qualitative meat, with experience at roasting, and with tasteful options, which will complete the desires of the most demanded individuals. The place is elegant with a magnificent kitchen, which can be either classic or complicated for those who want more, so it is the best choice for every occasion. The restaurant is the best choice not only for business lunches and meetings with friends but also for couples and lunches after work. The restaurant emphasize on high qualitative meats and on the right way of roasting the meat. You are welcome to join our restaurant to taste our variety of meat to the menu, meat with every combination (you can taste tomahawk black angus, picanha black angus, nautilus burgers, black sow railway, beef calf with hot butter truffle, rib eye with jack Daniels, lamb, Chicken broth shortbread, chuck eye black angus, black angus roasted for 8 hours with bourbon bbq sauce). You can complete your main dishes with fresh salads, traditional pies and plenty of appetizers such as water buffalo crab with eggs, tomato and grated feta cheese, baked asparagus on the grilled chilli, fried vegetables with youghrt sauch. The menu includes wrapped pies with pork meat, caramelized onions with hot sauce, corn pie with lamb, onions and mustard sauce, hot dog black angus, black pie with chicken fillet with youghrt sauce and vegetable jelly. With our country’s tradition to variety of cheese, our menu includes cheese from different places of Greece (smoked cheese from Naousa with truffle or garlic, cheese from Naxos island with cinders, cheese from Samothraki, cheese from Crete island. At the Ventiri Roast House restaurant you can also taste a variety of qualitative wines with your launch. ESTATE EFHARIS, ROXANI Matsa, Papargyris BLANC,KATOGI AVEROF, ESTATE KATSAROU, SANTORINI SIGALA, Zafirakis, Gerovassiliou and MALAGOUZIA, ESTATE THEOPETRA, VYSINOKIPOS Palyvos, GKLINAVOS, Foloi MERKOURI, MANTINIA TSELEPOS and NASIAKOS, GOOD ROD KYR GIANNI, OVILOS, CHATEAU JULIA. We are not done yet. Our dessert section includes baklava with ganaz, ice cream with yoghurt, or ice cream with cake “ali baba” that you can accompany with sweet wines. Ventiri Roast House is the new restaurant, which will be your new “house”.

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VENTIRI Roast House

Pierre Gabant